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19 september 2018


Jan Aril Sigvartsen

Jan Aril Sigvartsen


Jan Aril has worked almost two decades for Managed Services Providers and has had roles as developer, operations tech, security officer, CTO, CEO and now VP of an innovation centric market. He worked with most of the major technologies and has been team lead for various teams since 2002.

Working with Security and Innovation

When you are working with innovation, it seems to be a neverending story that you end up with a lot of conflicts when actually trying to move into the steady-state environment where it should underpin your cruicial business processes and revenue. Compliance, security and operational routines seem to be hindering getting innovation to production. This talk focuses on how you work with many of the steady-state topics, such as information security, governance and operational routines, in the innovation and development centric part of the project in a way that actually speeds up time to market.

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